Styles include

Akubra Mens photo        Fur Felts                                              Straws

  • Stylemaster                                   Ÿ•  Ÿ   Balmoral
  • Bronco                                            •     Zepher
  • Cattleman                                      •    Casablanca
  • Coolabah                                        •    Byron
  • Cooper Pedy                                 •    Planter
  • Leisure Time
  • Pastoralist
  • Plainsman
  • Snowy River
  • Stockman
  • Tablelands
  • Traveller
  • Warrego
  • Angler
  • Territory


Akubra Quality Hats

For 130 Years Akubra has been hand crafting hats from start to finish,
ensuring complete control of the production process and use of the
best fur felt available, to achieve the highest quality standards in the industry.

The superior rabbit fur felt used by Akubra reinforces its commitment to
producing not only an exceptional looking hat but one of the most durable.






Santana Hats are world renowned for their unique designs.

The Milagro Foundation a support organisation for under privileged  children was established by Carlos Santana and his family in 1998. The Foundation benefits from every hat sale.





A Panama hat is the finest straw throughout the world. The straw of every hat is handwoven in Ecuador and finer graded weaving can take months to complete.

Panama hats are so comfortable and pleasing to wear,  come in store to try one for yourself!






Barmah Genuine Kangaroo Leather Hats
Is supplied under permit by the Australian Government

Barmah Hats are fully foldable (Calico bag supplied),
lightweight,  ultraviolet protection 50+
and are showerproof

Squashy Crackle Kangaroo – Hickory & Dark Brown




World Renowned Hats

Lightweight – AIRFLO
Washing machine friendly.
Fully Guaranteed including insurance.
capture        tilley







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